Basic Dog Care

In this post, you will know some Basic Dog Care

No animal dispenses with it. Food nourishes and gives energy and is a necessary source for your health, physical appearance, and satisfaction. Although you can abstain from buying expensive toys, beds and other items that are not absolutely necessary, your dog's food should be nutritious and of good quality, with enough protein to invigorate your dog. Invest in food and see if your dog shows energy and with shiny and soft hair.


Bathing, haircutting, trimming of nails, care of the ears and cleaning of the face are just some of the care your dog will need. The fundamental thing is that the dog feels comfortable with people and tolerates that they touch him, that he is calm and allows them to do these things to him. Depending on the breed of the dog, you will need certain care more or less often than other dogs. For example, a constantly growing hair dog, like the Shih Tzu, requires frequent cuts, while a Staffordshire does not.

Professional Help
You can not do everything by yourself and although it is always good to be receptive to the recommendations of family and friends, nobody can help you as a professional would. Professional help especially focuses on veterinarians and canine trainers. Only your veterinarian can advise you on what is best for your dog's health and will be your ally in making decisions about your welfare. When it comes to vaccines, sterilization, and diseases, your veterinarian can help you. Professional trainers who have been training dogs for years will guide you on ways to modify your dog's behavior and will be a good source of information on all dogs. Other professional assistants or companies include dog sitters, canine hairdressers and dog nurseries, which will be useful when you go on a trip.

There are many ways to exercise your dog. If you have a big dog with a lot of thrusts, you can take it with you to run, but the long walks are favorable for almost all dogs. Many dogs benefit from visiting a park designed especially for them and, if you decide to do so, it is best to take adult dogs with good behavior and sterilized, to avoid problems. Other forms of exercise are allowing your dog to play with another dog, let him swim next to you in the summer or do different activities with him inside and outside the home, like playing hide and seek or tug of war. One misconception is to think that not all dogs need exercise, but the truth is simply that some dogs need it more than others.

Every dog needs it or will not be able to live in this society. Education includes socialization, basic obedience, setting rules and using positive reinforcement. It does not include punishments or use shouts. Have authority, but with benevolence and love. The moment you acquire your dog you should start educating him. Everything you do influences their education and, although it may seem difficult, educating them can be a simple process but with innumerable benefits in the future. As the owner, follow these steps to educate your dog and avoid behavior problems and unnecessary punishment.

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