How to Discipline a Dog

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Discipline a Dog. All dogs make mistakes when they start their training. Review the situations and try to determine the cause; This may be a sign that the dog does not know what is acceptable. As your coach, you must find the cause of the confusion and resolve it.

The younger a puppy is, the more frequently it will be necessary to evacuate. A two-month-old puppy may need to do it every two hours, physically it can not last more than eight hours. As it grows and your digestive system matures, the time between bowel movements will increase.

Too much freedom too often is the most common mistake. Although some puppies can understand the concept of make your needs outside, in a few weeks or even days; you will have to reinforce this behavior for several months before your pet is 100% reliable. 

If your dog does his needs where he does not owe once or twice, it is likely that you are not supervising enough.

Getting a house that is too big for your dog, will take you to your needs at one end and sleep at the other.

Do not hit your pet. Dogs do not understand when they are hit or grabbed with force. You can not relate the punishment to a past mistake and you will believe that you are angry for no reason; You may feel fearful and confused.

Changing your dog's diet can cause digestive alterations that could cause accidents. 

Even well-trained dogs can make mistakes when they relieve themselves. Clean the area with an odor neutralizer, and your pet will not be tempted to repeat the mistake. Do not use products with ammonia because they smell like the urine of dogs and will attract them.

If your well-trained dog starts to have accidents, it may be because he does not have enough opportunities to go out and make your needs, because you are not giving due attention to his signals, or he may have health problems. Check with the veterinarian if the problem persists.

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