Marketing Strategy for Pet Shops

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Do you have a pet store and want to improve the disclosure of your business online? There is a Digital Marketing Strategy for Pet Shops, that you can follow to improve your online presence, from posting animal photos on your Facebook or Instagram pages to offering product sales. Before knowing, some ideas of actions and evaluate if it is possible to adopt them. 

I recommend you first:

Investigate the origin of your products

You must take special care to know what is the origin of manufacturing and what are the materials with which the items you sell are made. If you market poor quality or, in the worst case, something that affects the health of pets your business will get into trouble and this sector does not forgive. If something happens to a puppy or a cat for one of the products you sell, the damage will be terrible for your image, especially on social networks.

Understand your consumers

This sector of the industry has the most passionate consumers. The owners of dogs, cats, and other species do not see them as pets but as important members of their family for those who want to buy the best and always have the best health conditions. Knowing this you must make your sales and promotion plans trying to connect with that special bond of people towards animals.

Now I recommend that you evaluate the following.

Social networks

Few types of publications attract attention in social networks as well as images of dogs and cats. Take advantage of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to spread good photos.
The best thing about this strategy is that you do not need to make large investments in production since the disclosure is free and you can take advantage of the animals that pass through your pet shop as models for the images. Post, for example, the photo of a puppy after a bath and haircut.

Betting on digital marketing strategies can be a good way to increase the clientele and sales of your pet store. Always remember to bet on creativity and good humor. One idea: dress up a cat on the eve of Halloween and wait for the rain of likes that the publication will have.

You must also use social networks to interact with the clientele - answering questions and questions that come through messages, comments or hashtags - promote contests and offer exclusive discounts for your followers.

Content Marketing

Another good way to attract more public to your pet store is increasing the traffic of Internet users on your website, which can be done through an appropriate content marketing strategy.

For that, create a section on your website or blog for frequent publications on topics related to pets, such as care that the owner should have with their dogs and cats, hygiene tips, ideal products for each breed, articles on the importance of apply vaccines in the day, etc. A good alternative is also to transform customer doubts into texts.

For example, find and fill gaps in information

Information gaps are specific topics of interest around which little or no quality content has been generated. A good Content Marketing Strategy for a pet store should be to fill out those in the world of pet animals, especially those that directly affect the business or can be an opportunity to offer a service or product.

To identify them, you must know thoroughly the questions that your target audience is considering. For example: How to increase the muscle mass of my Golden?

To find them, you have to search for specialized forums, competitor sites and related pages on social networks. Without a doubt there you will find several of those questions. But to obtain better results, it is recommended that you use the necessary tools to perform a successful search so you will identify the keywords that users are typing in search engines.

At the end of that consultation, you will have a large number of questions that customers are asking themselves. Search the web for information about them and, depending on what you find, determine whether or not they have been answered efficiently. This way you will know what content your potential customers are demanding. Create it, publish it on your website and share it on the sites you used to investigate.

Take advantage of your allies: The companies with which you have a business relationship, veterinarians and experts in animal behavior are allies of your store. With anyone, you can establish relationships that benefit the Content Marketing of both parties because they also know why it is important to have content strategies. These agreements can range from the simple agreement to share contents and links in the sites, to the possibility of creating partnerships to generate relevant content that one of the parties does not fully master. Another possibility that can not be ruled out is that of conducting interviews - in written or audiovisual format - to experts on topics of interest to your public, product manufacturers and other experts in the field.


If your pet store sells animal products, create a virtual store to negotiate these goods. You can create a website or even use tools that allow you to sell products directly through Facebook and Instagram.

Pet Store Subscription Services

A good strategy to sell more online and achieve customer loyalty is to offer subscription plans, in which the customer will receive the products he needs to take care of his animals in exchange for their periodicity in purchases. The advantage for the customer is the convenience of receiving the products at home and not run the risk of forgetting to buy food, for example. For the pet store, in addition to having a loyal customer, is a way to get more predictability on demand and stock .--

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