The Persian Cat

The Persian cat. With its wide and flat face, its abundant coat and its varied colors, the Persian Cat are one of the most "aristocratic" breeds that exist, since 75% of registered pedigree cats are Persians.

The Persian cat, its origin dates back to the seventeenth century, with the first specimens imported from Persia (now Iran) to Italy and simultaneously the Angora cat from Turkey to France. The long-haired cat emerged at the request of the aristocracy of the time, and the gene responsible for the long hair emerged from the hybridization with the manul (Felis manul) or Pallas cat. The cats from Persia were gray and those from Turkey were white.

Soon they arrived in Great Britain, where the current Persian branch developed, in late 1800 in England where it was perfected with the blood of Angora cats, obtaining a silky coat and multiplying the colors of the coat.

The Persian cat has a peculiar morphology, has a round head, solid and broad skull, prominent cheeks, small ears and spaced with tufts of long hair and that is born from the inside out, robust jaws and short nose.

Its body is compact and muscular, it has a robust bone structure, it must have a length of 40 to 50 cm, plus 25 to 30 cm of a tail. The elevation is approximately 30 cm. Its short and muscular limbs stand out. The thick fur of its tail ends in a rounded plume.

Its abundant and silky coat is its main characteristic, are classified into 3 groups according to the color: uniform, several colors, and several colors and drawings.

Black, White, Blue, Cream, and Red

Of various colors 
Bicolor; black and white, white and blue, white and red, white and cream.
Turtle scale (Carey) on the mantle black, red and cream spots.
Turtle scale with white.
Calico; as well as the turtle scale is black with white and red spots, the calico is white with black and red spots.
Calico diluted; white with blue spots and cream.
Cream blue.

Of various colors and drawings (marbled)
Brown Tabby; sand mantle with black bands.
Silver Tabby; pale silver mantle with black bands.
Red Tabby; red mantle alive with darker bands.
Blue Tabby; Ivory cloak with gray-blue bands.

And many varieties according to the combination.

 It requires constant care to keep your hair healthy and clean, daily brushing and even periodic baths.

His character is calm and docile, with little hunter instinct, he spends most of the day sleeping. In general, a cat little active, calm and affectionate, sometimes called "couch tiger."

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