Aggressive Cat Treatment


Today we will talk about the Aggressive Cat Treatment. And it is that a cat that is aggressive, is a dangerous animal to live in our home because in addition to the danger it represents for family members, the cat also often manifests its erroneous behavior with everyone who passes the door of our home. 

Not all cats show their aggressiveness in the same way, there are those who try to relate as little as possible to people, such as those who directly attack people violently one or more members of the family environment. Many times, these violent demonstrations are not taken with enough consideration from the owners. We must bear in mind that any manifestation of feline aggression that occurs frequently, no matter how intense, should be evaluated by a veterinarian or an ethologist.

In this regard, some experts indicate that the signs of aggressiveness of the cat are summarized in the following:

- Dilated pupils
- Stare at the person who will be attacked, with whiskers and neck stretched and ears pulled back
- Tail separated from the body, bent downwards or vertically with the tip bent upwards
- Erizamiento of the hair of the back.

Consequently, consider the following tips, without first forgetting to consult a professional, to rule out possible problems related to diseases.

- Do not propose aggressive games for your cats.
- When aggression occurs, do not complain exaggeratedly.
- Avoid any type of physical punishment
- I diverted the attention of the cat during the aggression to toys in movement, among others.
- Consider the possibility of incorporating another cat of similar age and temperament, sometimes the presence of another cat allows that the "hunting" games do not fall on humans.
- Separate the animal to another room as soon as the aggression occurs and leave it there for a few minutes and repeat this as many times as necessary.

Here we leave other tips.

Having ruled out any disease, we must pay close attention to the environment and routine of domestic felines. Normally, an aggressive cat is bored, nervous, sedentary and poorly stimulated physically and mentally.

1- Never use violence.
Violence is harmful and blocks the ability to learn in all cats. Positive reinforcement for good behaviors is fundamental and more efficient to educate. Therefore, a feline should not be forced to adopt certain behaviors or to practice certain activities. And this can increase aggression and cause more serious behavior disorders. That is why it is best to positively encourage the animal's will.
2- the Strategic location of your objects.
Felines feel more vulnerable when eating, drinking water and fulfilling their physiological needs. This is part of their self-preservation instinct. Thus, it is recommended to place your drinker, feeder, and sandbox in a quiet and safe place. It is important to avoid placing them in very noisy areas with a large circulation.
3- Places to climb and scratch.
Cats that are free tend to climb and scratch very often during the days. So they have fun, they expend energy and they exercise; It is important to offer places in your home where you can climb, scratch, hide and rest.
4- Moments of interaction.
For those who have availability of time and space, it is interesting to prefer having two or more cats. The joint upbringing and daily coexistence can help to socialize your pet, as well as combat sedentary lifestyle and boredom.
It is also essential to dedicate moments of your day to play and interact with your cat. Despite their independence, they also enjoy our company and purr as a sign of well-being.
5- Provide stimulating toys and games
This is another advice to avoid boredom and increase positive energy expenditure, so it is essential to offer games to physically and mentally develop your cat.
For starters, toys with little physical contact are preferred so as not to scare them: wands, pens, balls, etc. You can also stimulate feline with videos, music, sounds, and herbs.

This is all, do not forget to visit your veterinarian periodically. It is a recommendation from PetsDealsBoet.

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