How do dogs communicate


Today we will try to guide you on how do dogs communicate so that he understands you. In this way, the relationship will improve and the will avoid quarrels and unwanted situations.

If you have a dog as a best friend I am very sure that on more than one occasion you have spoken with him. Just tell him what do you want? Food? Are we going for a walk? And depending on your intelligence and your rapport, he will understand you more or less. Even so, there are tricks or tips that the experts in this topic suggest so that your communication improves enormously since the dog is a social animal that loves to please your and that we pay attention to him.

well, let's continue...

First, we will capture your attention

It does not make any sense for you to practice an order or to try to communicate with your dog if you have not previously called your attention. Use your name or a specific gesture to do it.

You should know that dogs respond much better to visual stimuli, for that reason snapping your fingers, saying hello or moving your arm up and down are good tools to get your pet's attention.

But do not forget that if you do not know the dog with which you are going to relate well, it will be better to use treats or prizes. Before a minimum plastic noise, you will have the animal pending of you.

What words to use

Although dogs are very intelligent animals they have difficulty differentiating words with similar phonetics. For this reason, I recommend you to always set very specific and short words for each order and accompany them with a specific visual gesture.
Below, we show you the words most used by professionals in canine education that you can use:

Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Here, Very Good, Shake

Remember that it is important not to use very similar words to communicate with your dog.

Positive reinforcement

The best tool for your dog to understand you is positive reinforcement. You can use it with small prizes or also by using the clicker. Dogs learn much faster when they are awarded, although remember that you should not only use treats. Caresses and affectionate words are also good reinforcement for your best friend.

Consider this...
Many people tend to scold their pets excessively when they do something wrong. Eat our plate or get on the sofa are usually the most common. It also happens when our pet barks excessively or tries to attack other dogs.

Before using the "No" you must be very clear that your dog does not suffer stress problems, so you should find out if there is a possible illness or simply that you do not know the basic training orders.
There are many adopted dogs that the first days show a destructive and illogical behavior. If this is your case you must have a lot of patience, something essential if you want to have a pet by your side.

All dogs, whatever their age, can reeducate if we wish. Although the ideal would be to go to a professional as ethologists are if that were necessary.

In addition to being much more difficult to understand, violence and excessive fights can cause undesirable behavior in the future such as aggression, fear among others.
Dogs are animals of habit: they like to have a fixed schedule of meals, walks, games. In this way, they understand life better.

Likewise, dogs appreciate the repetition of orders, even if they are already learned. Stimulating your brain with about 15 minutes of obedience a day will be essential to have fun and also do not forget everything you have learned. Even if you are an adult you can also include new tricks and games.

Observe the response of your dog

Although dogs do not "talk" they respond by body gestures:
Lifting the ears means attention.
Moving the head to one side, that you are understanding what you are saying.
Moving the tail relaxed indicates happiness.
Licking your mouth means stress (or that candy was very good).
Lying on the ground is a sign of submission (typical of dogs with fear).
Moving your ass from one side to the other is a sign of joy.
Low ears indicate attention and fear.

Whatever your dog's response will be, it will be important to try to find out what it means. Remember that not all dogs use the same bodily signs, for that reason, it will be important to dedicate time to our own dog.

And finally, do not forget to give him a lot of love 

Although your dog may misbehave on some occasions or be disobedient the magic formula that will cure everything is the love we can offer our best friend.

Having patience and being attentive to your needs will help us to communicate better with our dog. 

Be positive and practice every day with him so he can understand you and you can understand him better.

Happy days, your friend of always PetsDealsBoet

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