Cut Dog Hair at Home


Cut dog hair at home is something you can learn easily. The first thing to keep in mind is that the type of cut, finish or hairstyle will vary according to the dog and its physical characteristics.

For this reason, you have to do is identify the coat of your dog and then you must decide what type of cut you are going to make and, therefore, what products and preparation require the work. If you have doubts about how to make the right cut you can go to a canine hairdressing specialist or watch tutorials on YouTube to guide you, then you can do it yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all dogs have to be cut, but for this topic, I invite you to read a post, on "Why You Should Not Shave Your Double-Coated Dog." Follow the link below.

Now, let's identify the products we need for Cut Dog Hair at Home

Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel to dry, Dryer, Haircutting machine, Scissors, Brush, Adhesive Bandages.

Previous steps:

Before you start cutting your dog's hair you should prepare the bath with specific products for your coat including the conditioner if it is long hair. It is also important that you prepare a table or cutting area in a quiet place to work.

With the bathroom, we will eliminate all the dirt that can be carried on the body. We will dry it with a towel and leave the hair moist and ready for the cut, in this way it will be easier to identify the length of the mantle.

Remember that it is convenient to use a softener or conditioner for pets for those dogs that show long hair.

Then, Before cutting you should thoroughly brush all the fur of the dog eliminating knots and tangles, in this way you will clearly identify the volume to be reduced and the uneven areas.
As you know there are different types of brushes for dogs, special for each type of hair and depending on the characteristics. You will also find mini-size brushes special for small areas of your pet, such as the face.

Now, let's start Cut Dog Hair at Home

You must start with the back and back legs. Then continue with the neck, chest, front legs and belly. Look at the areas that have more fur because they must be cut first with the help of scissors.

I recommend you to go little by little selecting the areas indicated in detail so as not to make a disaster, you must be relaxed to maintain the tranquility of our pet and the final result will be better.

Once you have lowered the hair volume you can use the machine, always in the direction of the fur. Be gentle and do not exert too much pressure.

If, on the other hand, the cut of your dog is only a pair of scissors, help yourself with your fingers and a suitable comb to take the measurements of the different zones. You must achieve a homogeneous result.

We continue with facial hair I recommend using specific tools for this task as adhesive bandages to hold fringes and ears. Do not use the machine for this area.

Now lets the toes of the dog's legs also grow hair that should be trimmed. This area is especially sensitive and dogs tend to move with concern when we are in the process, for this reason, we recommend caution and care. Finish the entire cut by also reviewing the nails.

And finally, it is important that you dry your dog's hair with a hairdryer while combing it. If you do not have a specific one for pets you can use anyone, in this way we eliminate the excess hair and leave it impeccable, bright and smooth.

Pay attention to the legs because in cases of extreme humidity you can favor the appearance of fungi between the fingers.

Well here we finish the process of Cut Dog Hair at Home, hopefully, it has served as a guide and it has been phenomenal.

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  1. Cutting hair to a dog is a skill that needs to be developed, you have to have a lot of practice.