Canine Intestinal Parasites

Another very interesting topic that we should pay attention to is the existence of Canine Intestinal Parasites.

When your veterinarian diagnoses your dog with parasites, you should take all possible precautions when handling and treating it. The preventive measures applied should keep both the family and the dog healthy.

As a result, some types of parasites can become lethal for our young dogs, and in severe cases even to adult dogs. When left undetected or treated, they cause serious health problems, including severe secondary bacterial infections. Most parasites are easily detected, but some require laboratory tests to confirm a diagnosis.

The importance of this topic is that some intestinal parasites that affect dogs also infect people. Our children are the most at risk. Earthworms are usually transmitted from one species to another. If a dog at home has been diagnosed, all other pets will also need treatment.

The Prevention the best way to take care of our pets and ourselves of Canine Intestinal Parasites

There are several symptoms that we can detect in our house. The first to appear is itching. Observe as a dog, you could sit on the ground and drag your buttocks to scratch. He could also bite his backside repeatedly. Adult parasites, eggs, and larvae are expelled through the anus, which can cause great discomfort for the animal.

You will notice how during the early infection, the dog will lose weight quickly. This is because the worms feed on the nutrients that the animal ingests. When the infection becomes more severe, you will develop a swollen abdomen. It could seem fat at first sight.

A definitive symptom is to see how the worms are expelled in their feces. Some are very long and others are as tiny as a grain of rice. One of the most alarming symptoms of intestinal parasites is blood in the dog's excrement. You should always call a veterinarian if this happens.

Important note
Canine Intestinal Parasites are dangerous to the health of humans. Therefore, avoid walking barefoot when the dog has an infection. This is because worm larvae can penetrate people's skin and cause several severe reactions. Babies can become fatally sick due to a parasitic infection. Anemia can appear within hours of infection. Therefore, it is recommended immediately, consult with the doctor.

For prevention we recommend
An intestinal antiparasitic. There must be an initial dose, followed by another at least 10 days later. In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment, which should be administered to all exposed dogs. Sanitary measures must be taken immediately.

Prevention consists of a monthly dose of an intestinal antiparasitic. Remove all feces from patio areas at least once a week. Do not let other dogs defecate in the yard and when you walk with the animal always pick up their droppings.

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Drontal Plus for Dogs Flavor 2 TABLET
Drontal Plus is one of the best worming treatments available in our country for the treatment of intestinal parasites.

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