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Tips for Choosing Doggy Clothes. For many years, dog lovers have invested in buying clothes that make their pets look good. It has been a trend that has gradually increased its popularity among people, although many still laugh when they see a dog dressed. But this is not only a matter of glamor but thanks to this, you can protect the animal from extreme temperatures such as cold or heat.

Although we consider that before buying Dog Clothes, there are some basic rules that you must analyze.

The first thing is to determine what kind of clothes suits your dog. Considering, size, age, and sex of course. Take into account the physical needs of the dog. That is if your body demands heat or cold. In other words, the time to adjust the Dog Clothes to the climatic characteristics of the season.

Also keep in mind that, if the dog likes to bite a lot, you should avoid items that contain something tempting: bright buttons, fringes or feathers. Anything that can be chewed and swallowed is a great threat.

Consider these tips for Choosing Doggy Clothes

Dogs get wet and dirty. Therefore, so will your clothes. If you do not buy something that can be washed in the washing machine, you will regret it. If the clothes are to be washed constantly, make sure that the fabric does not shrink or resist repeated washing.

Do not forget the slit in the back for the strap. This is very important if you are going to buy custom clothes. The garment should be easy to put on and take off.

Dog Clothes: Coats

We all know that dogs have their own beautiful fur, but sometimes you need extra help in winter. Coats for dogs, especially for short-haired dogs.

This garment is especially comfortable for small and short-haired dogs, especially for breeds with short legs that are close to the ground. Coats for dogs can provide extra protection for one or another sturdy dog with a lot of furs if it is really cold. Coats are very useful garments in closed environments for short-haired dogs.

If you are still not sure if your dog needs a coat, ask your veterinarian.

You have decided that your dog needs a coat to spend the winter. Dog coats are a smart choice. This garment can make hikes with your best friend fun for both. But which one to choose? With hundreds of styles for all types of dogs, it is a personal choice. However, you should have the same approach as when you buy a coat for yourself. If you spend a lot of time in the cold weather, you probably have a big warm coat. So, your dog also needs an extra warm coat. If fashion is more important to you than heat, you can buy designer clothing for you and your dog.

In general, you should make sure that the coat is warm, that it fits well, that it is easy to put on and take off and that it is difficult to remove for the dog. If it looks good, your pet will feel comfortable and cozy. Also, make sure it is washable and that it does not shrink. Wool is a good choice for a light and flexible heat. So are wool blends. Other fabrics may look good but they will not be as versatile.

Dog Clothes: Antistress Coat 

If your dog is nervous or has severe separation anxiety, there are other solutions to anxiolytics. The answer can be as easy as a dog coat that is known as an anti-stress shirt. The anti-stress shirt is like a tight coat. Place slight pressure on the body of the dog. The idea behind this is that it stimulates the skin, which aids in the transmission of messages to the brain and can give the dog a clearer concentration and awareness. This specialized dog coat can be used as an aid in training or to help the dog in events that cause anxiety, such as fireworks.

Dog Clothes: Dresses 

Dog dresses are the most basic garments of all. It is also one of the most used garments today. This type of dog clothes is designed for the spring/summer season.

The most advisable thing is to buy dresses for dogs made of cotton. Avoid at all costs walk the dog with this garment in the street.

Dog Clothes: Footwear

The dog footwear is designed specifically for extreme temperatures, either in very cold or very hot areas to protect the paws of the animal.

It is important to cut the nails to the animal to put the shoes, otherwise, they would suffer discomfort and would not be comfortable.

Dog Clothes: Jersey

Many dog owners love to dress their dog t-shirt pets which looks great. In many cases, they are excellent for cold protection. That is to say, they are ideal for the winter season or for low climates. It is a garment that fits almost all races. Even the biggest ones have one. In addition, this type of dog clothes is usually comfortable and pleasant.

In conclusion

When selecting dog clothes you should never forget the following:

The clothes are for the dog, not for you. Therefore, the tastes and characteristics of the puppy must be above the tastes of the owner. When you wear dog clothes, you should keep in mind that it must be a garment that the animal feels comfortable with. It is not recommended to force him to use it and not enjoy using it. Each item of clothing must fit the size of the dog. Neither very large nor very small should have the exact measurements.

Be attentive to weather conditions. There are clothes for the heat and for the cold. Choose the right one for your dog. The use of clothes in the dog requires some type of training. It is likely that at first you do not like it or do not feel comfortable and want to break your clothes, but you must educate him to accept it and take it with joy.

Never forget to choose clothes according to the physical activities of the animal. An exit to the park to play does not require a luxurious and elegant dress.

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