Healthy food for cats

Healthy Cat Food
Just like all the people our friends the cats must get healthy Cat Food,  and follow a varied and nutritious diet. I wanted to share The Ultimate Pet Nutrition Guide with you, of the friends Follow the link

This nine-part series includes the insights of 35 animal experts from around the world. It outlines the biggest feeding mistakes pet owners make and includes some fundamentals of pet nutrition. Overall, it's designed to help dog and cat owners make better food choices on behalf of their companions.

I think you'll find this Ultimate Pet Nutrition Guide to be a helpful tool for your readers.

And now let's start with my recommendations

The diet of a cat should be varied, like ours, and measure to control overweight. In addition, there are foods that we should never offer a cat such as milk, for example, some do not tolerate it because of the lactose, another example would be garlic and onions since they contain sodium thiosulfate, an inorganic and crystalline compound that results toxic for cats, on the other hand, sausages can cause digestive problems in cats, do not forget also caffeine, raw eggs, alcohol, chocolate, and sweets, are also harmful to your cats.

Here are some suggestions, without forgetting that we always advise you to consult your veterinarian.

The Fishes

It is known that cats are adept at fish. Of all the possibilities, salmon is a good source of Omega 3 and other fatty acids that favor the health of cats. That's why many cat edibles are made of salmon, as it provides many of the ideal supplements for cats. Also, the cod oil, have the virtue of keeping the fur of these pets nourished and moisturized, especially in the winter. It can be obtained in liquid form or in tablets in health food stores.

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Instinct Original Grain Free. Instinct Original is made with 95% salmon and pork liver, 5% vegetables, fruits, and other healthy ingredients. This is a high protein and salmon cat food as ingredient # 1. Distributed by Nature's Variety, an independent pet food company based in St. Louis, Missouri, with manufacturing operations in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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The chicken

Cats are carnivores and should consume diets that contain meat. Unlike dogs (which are omnivores), they must not have the ability to digest fiber.

Chicken is then a healthy choice for cats since it has high-quality lean proteins. You just have to try to eat it cooked and without the fat of your skin, which is preferable to remove.

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Purina Pro Plan White Meat Chicken & Vegetable, Made with real meat, white chicken supplemented with vegetables. All Purine Pro Plan formulas contain high-quality proteins, which include poultry, fish or meat. In addition, with omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, they help maintain a healthy immune system.

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The turkey

This is another source of good protein in a cat's diet. Although the sudden introduction of this food that has vitamin B16, it can cause some discomfort such as diarrhea. Therefore, it is best to give it as part of other foods, in small quantities, until you get used to this food.

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Purina Fancy Feast Classic Turkey & Giblets Feast. Each dish of this cat food contains 100% balanced nutrition and the essential vitamins and minerals that make your cat feel and look better.

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Other considerations of a Healthy Cat Food

Varied vegetables

Cats are carnivores, as we have said before, but that does not take away the possibility of incorporating some nutrients through some vegetables such as peas, squash, chard, and apples. They can also be supplied with blueberries, bananas, and melons. They are healthy foods for cats, although they have to be offered with other supplies since it will be difficult for them to consume them on their own.

Cooked eggs

The eggs provide protein and vitamin B, in addition to having a delicious taste that felines love. To prevent diseases, they must be perfectly cooked, so there is no risk to them or to the humans who manipulate their food.

The cheese

If a cat shows an interest in cheese, it is best to eat hard varieties such as cheddar, Swiss or Gouda. All are excellent sources of calcium and proteins. You can make small cookies in the oven, in which the melted cheese is the main component. Cats love this type of snack.
Not all cats are open to varying their menu, but if they do, they will benefit from the nutrients they can get from these healthy and nutritious foods.

If you do not want or can not buy canned food, here are some Nutritious Recipes.

Boil tuna or sardines: Mix it with boiled rice. Cats can eat boiled rice without a problem. You should not offer your cat raw or fried fish.

Salmon with broccoli: boil broccoli and mix a small heart of the same with a cup of chopped salmon.

Make a puree of boiled carrots: Mix a cup of this puree with a cup of cooked and chopped chicken. Never offer chicken with skin, as this is not healthy.

Cooked and ground meat, boiled rice and boiled spinach. Mix one cup of meat with one of spinach and add half of the rice.

Protein and animal fat are essential in the diet of cats. In particular, more than half of your diet should be composed of protein, since cats are carnivorous animals. Therefore, you can vary foods in your daily meal such as chicken, beef, liver, rabbit, etc. Fat is also healthy for our cats, but you have to control the amount to avoid feline obesity.

If you detect that your cat is taking more weight than it should, or on the contrary, you detect that it has lost strength and musculature, go to the vet so that this indicates what is missing or what is leftover in the homemade recipes for cats that you prepare.

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