Cat Toys | Why Buy it

If you want to know why buy Cat Toys? 🐱, here we tell you. 🐈

The first thing you should know that playing with the cat is a benefit to your health since it will keep you active and maintain an adequate physical condition. According to the American ethologist Pam Johnson, the cats need to play with their owners at least 30 minutes a day to strengthen the emotional bond. On the other hand, it is said that cats start playing when they are four (4) weeks old, hitting most of the time with the other kittens. 

But the issue is not to let him play alone, you must play with him to stimulate him physically and mentally and therefore strengthen the bond between you and him as indicated by the subject specialists. I recommend playing with your kitten before going to bed; so he will be ready to go to sleep at the same time as you.

There are cat toys of all kinds on the market to play. Preferably small cat toys before the big ones. Interactive cat games, such as those that hang from sticks and ropes that pretend to be a fishing rod, are among the favorites of a cat. But you should know that each cat has a favorite type of toy and a way to use it that is more stimulating.

Do not despair, if it achieves not, the first time. The task is to discover these two keys and take advantage of them to enjoy long hours of healthy enjoyment with your cat.

The idea of all this is that it will allow you to keep your kitten in good health and to remain receptive to your requests. Make sure you always have cat toys but reserve some only for play sessions with you. In this way, they will have a special value.

It can happen to you that the kittens that you raise alone are a little ordinary and abrupt that tend to bite you, but do not worry it's just a matter of learning. As you start to play with your cat likewise, you will see how the game will reduce any possible behavior problems. Pam Jonson indicates that "A boring animal can suffer anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and, even, be aggressive at times.

A key to favoring the cat's game is to encourage him to explore his hunting behavior. Also, keep in mind how the cat plays. And things cats like to play. Varies depending on the hunger you have.  So that your interaction with the entertainment objects grows as your stomach is less satiated and your mealtime approaches.

When you finish playing with your cat you must pick the toys. In this way, it will increase your cat's interest in the object in its next session.

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