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Glucosamine for dogs
The first thing you should observe is that if your dog reduces its movement if this is so, it is mainly due to the fact that your dog's bones have a natural deceleration due to old age. As a result of this, the dog's cartilage deteriorates and hardens, which causes pain in the joints.

In this regard, glucosamine for dogs is a useful treatment for several ailments related to the hip and joints of your dog.

But do not forget that regular exercise is also important to maintain healthy muscles, bones, and joints since the inactivity of your dog can cause even more stiffness in the joints and muscles.

Glucosamine for dogs is a nutritional supplement that slows the progression of arthrosis and canine arthritis, in addition to reducing joint pain. It is usually taken in combination with chondroitin, and the results are remarkable, but not in the short term, you must take glucosamine for a few weeks before benefiting from all its positive effects.

Before giving glucosamine to your dog you must first visit a veterinarian, to determine the exact diagnosis of what your dog has, whether it is arthritis or some other ailment, due to age.

A professional will tell you if your dog suffers from arthritis, for example, and to what degree, as it can be mild, moderate or very advanced. Dogs suffering from this disease suffer a lot of pain and can not lead a normal life. They need medication, veterinary care, and specific treatments. A part of these can be an extra supply of glucosamine, as a food supplement.

In general, glucosamine has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce your dog's pain, it also helps restore the health of the joints naturally, increasing mobility and improving lubrication in your dog's joints.

It will take several weeks to see the beneficial effect of a joint supplement. Normally, your dog will start with a "loading dose" for several weeks and then reduce it to a lower "maintenance dose".

In some cases, the dog may remain with a joint supplement throughout its life and, in fact, it is possible that signs of pain in the joints of your dog are repeated within a few weeks if you suspend the joint supplement.

In short, you will notice that your dog is benefiting from glucosamine when you see it more playful, have less rigidity, more willingness to climb stairs, jump or go for a walk, and simply a happier attitude in general.

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