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Dog Sitter

Dog Sitter. You want to dedicate yourself to this rewarding task of caring for dogs, you should verify that you have the necessary skills to do it correctly. Many believe that the love of dogs could be the most important requirement to be a good caretaker of these animals. 

And this is because you will spend most of your time with them, so you really should enjoy doing this work.

You must be a calm person since this is a very desirable quality for this job. It is likely that your schedule is subject to change, as it will largely depend on the clients' schedule. For this, you should have a flexible and calm attitude with sudden changes.

Personal motivation and organization are also desirable qualities.

Train yourself to be a good dog keeper.
You will not need a certification for this job "Dog Sitter", but professional training on your resume can impress your current and future clients. It can also give you additional opportunities later on.

A training certificate will tell clients that you take your job seriously and that you are dedicated to providing the best possible care. If you ever want to work with a dog keeper agency, you can greatly improve your CV if you have some kind of professional training.

There are several organizations that provide training programs for dog handlers. Depending on the country where you are located, find a training center for dog handlers and prepare to be successful.

Find out about the dog or dogs you care for
A good Dog Sitter should have a previous encounter to know more about the pet to care for. Likewise, the owner of the pet will have many expectations of the person who will take care of their dog, which will focus on the specific needs of the dog. So you should know them clearly and understand them.

It will be important that you know the basics. Find out where the pet's food is kept, how much it needs each day, at what time and place to feed it, and what medications it takes.

The time you must dedicate is also another expectation that you should clarify immediately. Some jobs require you to stay in the owner's house.

Make questions. As a good caretaker, your job will be to ensure that you cover all the basics, so you should have a list of questions you can ask pet owners. How old is the animal? What is your medical history? Do you do well with children and other animals? How often should it be fed? How often should the litter box be changed? These are questions that you should address before starting caregiver work.

Check with the owner about the frequency with which he gives treats or prizes according to his behavior. He may have certain methods of discipline for his pet, which he expects you to follow, such as not giving him treats if he behaves badly or recognizing good behavior with a special treat.

Ask about what your pet likes and what does not.
There is some information that will be important in case of an emergency or a health problem.

Most owners will immediately provide you with the veterinarian's contact information. You will have to know where this information is written. A safe option could be that you enter it in your phone or have a virtual copy in your email, in case the physical copies are lost.

In addition to the owner's contact information, you must ask for the telephone number of a friend or relative who lives nearby. In this way, you will have a second person to contact you if an emergency arises and you can not contact the owner.

Meet the dog to care
Schedule a practice visit if possible. So, let the dog know you in advance.

On the contrary, if the care of the dog is, outside of your home, it is very important that the dog gets to familiarize himself with that place, to make his stay as less problematic as possible for him and for you.

Obviously, this is something that you must talk in advance with the owners letting them also go so that their presence makes the dog feel that everything is fine, this will not be unknown and thus not There will be the inconveniences that occur when the dogs are in a new place.

The idea is for the owner to verify that the pet is comfortable with you. If there is a problem such as aggression or shyness in your presence, you may have to choose another caregiver. Do not take it personally. Sometimes a pet and a person will not get along. The rescued pets usually have negative associations that the owners do not fully understand, and you could generate a negative reaction in the animal without realizing it.

Some Tips
  1. Feed him at the right time and give him the right amount of food.
  2. Give him all the medicine he needs. In general, pets that take medications must stick to a constant schedule and dosage. Follow the instructions of the owner on how to administer the medications, and do not forget to give them or neglect them.
  3. Clean the litter boxes frequently and take the dog outdoors every time the owner recommends.
  4. An important function of your position as a caregiver is to keep the pet safe and comfortable while the owner is away. It is likely that the animal is nervous without his presence, so you should give him affection and attention every day.
  5. If the pet has a favorite toy, you should play with it frequently. It will be best to play with the animal until it seems to run out of energy and lose interest in the game. In this way, you will be tired when you leave and will be more likely to fall asleep and relax until you return.
  6. After completing your duties, such as cleaning and feeding, you should sit down with the dog and show affection by caressing him, hugging him and talking to him. Dogs are very sociable animals and crave human interaction when their owners are not present.
  7. Be careful if you bring food and sweets from the outside. The owner could give your pet a specific diet and you should not cause the dog a problem by giving what it is not.
  8. A good Dog Sitter already knows in advance where to go with a dog in case of an accident or emergency. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask which veterinarian would go in case of an accident, for example, on a Saturday night. Receiving a quick and safe response gives you peace of mind.
And finally,

Dog care service costs
If you are going to take care of a friend or family member's pet, payment may not be a problem. However, if it is a more professional job, you must bear in mind that they will pay you and determine the amount to be charged before the work begins.

Investigate prices to determine what is reasonable.

The average national salary for pet sitters in the United States is $ 16 per hour. Therefore, if you are going to work 8 hours a day, you can earn $ 128 per day with this rate. The owner could pay you a weekly salary, which is usually around $ 600. You could also receive more money for additional services (such as cleaning and maintaining the house) or free food and lodging as a form of payment.

The rate will also increase according to the number of pets you are going to care for and your level of experience. The owner may want to negotiate the rates. You will have to be courteous during this process since you will not want to lose a client for arguing.

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