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How to bathe a cat

In this post, I will show you some tips on how to bathe a cat. Although cats are mostly kept clean, there may be some circumstances in which the cat needs a bath. It may be because you have diarrhea or other diseases that warrant it or because you suffered accidental dirt, or because it's usual to bathe. 

In any of these circumstances, it is advisable that you choose the best time for the bath, which will be the one in which the cat is calmer and shows a lower level of activity. 

According to experts, puppies can bathe for the first time after 2 or 3 months. The bath frequency changes depending on the breed, whether it is long or short hair and the ambient temperature. In periods when there is a lot of heat, the bath can be done every ten days.

Steps to follow How to bathe a cat.

I recommend that you do this work with help, look for someone in the family to help you bathe your cat, between two it will be easier.

Before bathing, you should brush the cat to remove the dead hair and then bath it good. Depending on the type of hair your cat has, you should choose one type of brush or another, as well as follow specific brushing routines.

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Prepare the place to bathe the cat, whether it's a bathtub or the sink, keep all the utensils you need (towels, shampoo, hairdryer, toys, gloves) on hand, I recommend that you have a rubber mat to prevent the Cat slips. 

The water should be warm and ready by the time the animal arrives. Take the cat by the back of the neck that the mother uses to carry it, this could help him relax enough to simply put the cat in the water. Start by moistening your hands or gloves if you use them (highly recommended to avoid accidents by the cat's bite), passing them through the cat's coat little by little, always attentive to their reaction, so maybe upset and try to scratch you, if you are not used to the bathroom. At the edge of the place you use to bathe the cat, place a dry towel so your cat can cling to it and scratch it if necessary.

Some recommended products for the cat bath.

Always pet the cat when it is bathed. If you followed the advice of getting help from another person, you should distract him with a toy while you throw the water to the cat, either with a container, or special watering cans used for this process, or you can use a highly recommended spray or sprayer when it is the first time you bathe your cat.

Then, massage the hair with the shampoo and then rinse well.

When you have finished bathing your cat, proceed to dry with a towel and dryer. Remove as much water as possible with the towel and finally let the animal finish drying alone in a warm room. And Ready your cat is neat.

Note: Turn your cat's bath into a routine, with established steps that he can remember and recognize so that he is not stressed by the uncertainty of not knowing what is happening.

Also, give your cat a gift for his great work. Offer prizes, mimes, hugs and kisses. Your cat has experienced one of the worst things. Most cats hate water. Even if your cat will get used to the baths, it is likely that the initial experience has been a bit disturbing and you should recognize it. Also, if you give prizes to your kitten after the bath, he will associate the baths with good things instead of bad ones and is more likely to be willing to take a bath in the future.

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Happy day.

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  1. Cats, in addition to being extremely clean animals that continuously groom themselves with the help of their tongue, tend to show hostility in the face of their body's contact with water. That is the reason why the use of dry cleaning foams is sometimes recommended, which you can buy in specialized animal stores and that, combined with a correct brushing to remove dead hair, can be an excellent option to maintain your hygiene in optimal condition.