Squeaky Natural Canvas Wool Elephant - Dog Toys

Squeaky Natural Canvas Wool Elephant - Dog Toy

The game for the dog is fundamental, in fact, it is a way to strengthen ties with our pets. Nothing pleases more than to spend some time playing with them. For this, there is a wide variety of interactive Dog toys in the market.

For this reason and some others, those interested and passionate about enriching their dog's life, with unique and interactive toys here at Organicasap, can find it. Your dog of any small and medium breed will love any toy sold by them.

Here we present The Billipets, Squeaky Natural Canvas Wool Elephant. A Toy of great quality: charming, tender and durable, ideal to chew, pursue and play interactively with your dog. It includes an irresistible shriek to keep you entertained and relieve anxiety and keep you from boredom.

What we like about the Billipets, Squeaky Natural Canvas Wool Elephant

Superior quality construction: Natural canvas elephant dog toys are cute, soft and durable, made with a sturdy canvas, non-toxic and natural The texture of the natural canvas is safer and increases the comfort of chewing, it can reduce tartar and plaque that accumulate in the teeth of the dog and helps the teeth and gums grow healthy.

Dog toys are filled with natural wool and no glue is used in the production process. All of them are sewn. Wide application: washable design, able to clean regularly to protect the health of your pet; Size: 18cm x 6cm x 11cm.

It's time to give your pet toys that he or she can enjoy. You have many products to choose from in the category, "Natural Pet food and toy" from Organicasap, so feel free to browse through these categories, to find the best selection for your dog. Its quality and selection are incomparable.

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Supervise pets when playing with any toy. While this toy is not toxic, proper supervision will prevent it from being swallowed. Check the toy regularly to detect any loose pieces that may be swallowed. Discard the toy if it is chewed, broken or damaged.

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