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Dog Toys

Why buy a dog toy? 🐕The reason is that toys reduce boredom, that is, the culprit of many negative behaviors (destroying cushions or tearing the bed to pieces). The boredom of the dog leads to destructive behaviors and other problems to which the dog comes in an attempt to get our attention.

The toys offer a mental and physical stimulus to dogs. They are not a whim, but a very necessary tool to enrich the lives of these four-legged friends. In addition, dogs need to spend quality time with their family, with their owners so to speak. And is that toys are the perfect excuse to achieve it.

So we can say, the dog toys =>

#1 They keep them entertained, so they do not get stressed. It is a way to spend energy when they are at home and we can not take them for a walk. With toys, the dog does not break other things because they are not bored and have no anxiety because of the energy they spend with their toy, so it brings emotional benefits. I recommend reading my post about how to treat anxiety in dogs. Link.👉
#2 They improve their qualities. Not only his intelligence, since there are toys for it, that make them have to think and find solutions, but also their motor skills.
#3 To educate them in different ways. For them they are a prize, so we can use the toy to obey, giving it to them when they do things well.

There is a wide variety of toys for dogs in the market and adapted to the characteristics and size of your dog.

In this regard, I present the four (4) most purchased toys in Amazon, and the reason is that their quality makes them insurmountable.

#Best Seller by Amazon

#1👉Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers by Pacific Pups.                 
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Set of 11 Nearly Indestructible Dog Toys + Bonus Giraffe Rope Toy.
They are made from completely safe and non-toxic materials, passing the ASTM F-963 Children's Toys Safety Standards.

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#2👉Dura Chew by Nylabone.
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Power Chew, a toy for large dogs. Durable nylon dog toy for aggressive chewers. Entertaining textured dog chew toy, that keeps dogs busy. Helps with weight management.
As dog parents, we understand that chewing is a natural activity for dogs.

Since 1955 Nylabone, they’ve created fun and flavorful chew toys of all shapes and sizes to help dogs avoid through boredom, anxiety, and the destructive chewing. Every dog has a different chewing style and strength. That’s why they make chew toys in all different kinds of sizes, shapes, flavors, and textures. For chewers big and small. Nylabone chews best.

#3👉Blinky Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy by Pet Qwerks.
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Motion-activated flashing lights and makes 18 different sounds. Great for pets that are blind have poor eyesight or separation anxiety, help your pet remain active and Stimulates both sight and sound sensories. Long-Lasting Batteries 12,000 - 15,000 phrases or sounds (batteries included).

it's typical that pets, especially dogs, become quite excited with the balls. The physical workouts provide all the benefits of healthy exercise. A healthy pet is a happy pet.

The Babble Balls have opened new worlds for pets that are blind or have poor eyesight. Pets with separation anxiety or are chronically bored have perked up remarkably. Unlike toys that motivate activity by dropping out unhealthy treats, the Babble Balls are just good healthy fun!. When play is finished, the Babble Ball turns off automatically and waits to be touched again. When activated, your dog will hear a variety of wisecracks.

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#4👉👉Ultra Ball by Chuckit.
Order Today. Link.
Natural, high-bounce rubber encourages dogs to leap to new heights. Lightweight and buoyant for splashing fun at the pool or the lake. Orange and blue colors attract dogs' interest and allow high visibility for pet parents.

Available in 5 sizes ranging from small to XX-Large;  Launchers for enhanced games of fetch, available for purchase separately. Chuckit! toys are designed to take interaction with your dog to the next level. Chuckit! creates toys that enrich the human-animal bond.

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