How to inject a dog step by step


Although here you will learn to inject your dog. I recommend that you inject it when the procedure is prescribed by a veterinarian, never and never should do it on your own, as you could cause damage and even serious allergic reactions that put the dog's life at risk.

Although considering the above if you can vaccinate your pet effectively, in case you can not go to the vet or not have enough money to pay for it. As you should know, it is increasingly safe to go to the veterinarian to vaccinate your puppy, but there is nothing that prevents you from doing it without the help of anyone else.

And is that Injecting a substance in the body involves introducing it under the skin or muscle through a syringe, which can be of different sizes, and a needle, also of different thicknesses depending on the color of its base.

The practice makes the expert, so we must witness a demonstration by our veterinarian so that we can resolve the doubts and thus place the injection to our dog successfully.

To give him an injection is really very easy and takes only a few seconds, but everything must be done to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the animal. Therefore, before putting it on, I recommend that you spend a few minutes playing with it and giving it a lot of affection.

Types of injections.

Subcutaneous injections: are those that are administered under the skin. They are usually applied on the neck, near the cross, which is the area of the spine between the scapulae.

Intramuscular injections: are those that are put into the muscle, as its name suggests. The back of the thigh in a good place.

Before starting, consider the following.

The first thing is to be clear with what type of injection the drug should be administered since it is not the same subcutaneous as intramuscular.

Make sure we can keep the dog quiet. If we have doubts we will ask someone to help us. We have to bear in mind that the puncture can be painful.

We will only use the syringes and needles that the veterinarian has given us.

Once we load the syringe with the medicine we must direct the needle upwards and press the plunger to eliminate the air that could be in the syringe itself or in the needle.

We will disinfect the place of injection, with hydrogen peroxide and gauze to avoid infections.

How to give a subcutaneous injection to a dog?

In addition to taking into account the previous recommendations, to know how to inject a dog subcutaneously we will follow these steps: 
  1. Grab your skin as if your hand were a clamp. For this, we must place it parallel to the body of the dog.
  2. Introduce the needle through the skin to the subcutaneous fat. The syringe should enter 45 degrees in the crease of the skin. You have to notice that it fits well. Then, introduce the liquid. Consider this, once we puncture, before injecting the liquid, we will pull the plunger slightly to check that no blood comes out, which would indicate that we have punctured a vein or artery. If it comes out we must remove the needle and click again.
  3. In the end, we will rub the area for a few seconds to spread the drug.
For its good behavior, it is essential that you reward your dog with a treat, caresses, games, or whatever else you like. That way you will not feel bad every time you have to give it an injection again. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

The most important thing is to know exactly where to inject (in the area of ​​the neck or shoulders) so that it hurts less and make the fold so that there is a small hole in the skin where it will be applied.

How to give an intramuscular injection to a dog?

In addition to the above, to explain how to inject a dog intramuscularly we must take into account the following:

It is recommended to click on the thigh, between the hip and the knee.
You have to keep in mind the location of the bone to avoid puncturing it.
Once injected, we will introduce the medication slowly, approximately 5 seconds.

Other tips

If possible, find a friend who has a dog of his own to help you with the injection. Thus, your friend will probably know how to treat a dog correctly and in a way that causes minimal stress.

You may want to consider using a muzzle to make sure it does not bite you during the injection. Even the friendliest dogs bite when they feel frightened or repressed. You can buy a soft and comfortable muzzle at your local pet store or you can secure your dog's mouth by wrapping it with a piece of gauze and tying it with his ears.

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  1. If your veterinarian has decided that the best way to administer medication to your dog is by injection, it is likely that you feel somewhat lost, for this reason, in this article you can find an orientation of how to inject a dog step by step, also showing you several factors to consider.