Best Pet Trivia Questions

In this section, we will find questions and answers about all the unknowns about our dogs and cats. If you want to share any unknowns, indicate it in the comments and we will add it here.

#1. How many teeth do dogs have?🐶 36 or 42t
The answer right  👉 42 permanent teeth adult dog has, except that there may be a malformation, loss or lack of teeth from birth.

#2. How Far Away Can a Dog Detect Scent?
a) 5 km b)2-3 km c)1 kilometer
🐶👉The nose of dogs is so developed that several studies have shown that they can detect odors from objects buried up to 12 meters deep and detect odors located up to 2 kilometers away.

#3. How many fingers does a dog paw have? 4 or 5
🐶👉Usually the dog has 4 toes and a kind of claw or spurs a little higher than the other toes, however, there are species that can have 6 toes on each of its 4 legs. Dogs usually have an extra toe on the hind legs or vice versa, since some breeds have 4 toes on the hind legs and 5 on the front legs.

#4. The dogs do see black and white? Yes or No.
No.🐶👉Dogs do not see black and white, they can distinguish colors but not in the same way we do. For example, dogs have the ability to differentiate between a blue and a yellow tone, but they can not differentiate between a red and an orange tone. The question lies in the spectrum of colors, with which all living beings have and which, in turn, depends on the light-receiving cells that are possessed. These are known as Cone cells and are located in the retina of all vertebrates. While we have three variants in these cells, dogs have two. In short, dogs do not see black and white, dogs see fewer colors than us.

#5. How many bones does a dog have? 319 206 250
🐶👉Dogs have between 319 to 321 bones in their bodies, with certain variations depending on the number of bones in the tail and the presence or absence of a vestigial finger. The vertebral column has 7 cervical vertebrae, 13 thoracic vertebrae, 13 pairs of ribs, 7 lumbar and 3 sacral.

#1. It is a good idea to get used to your cat from small to wear a collar with jingle bell so we know where they are? Yes or No.
No.🙀👉 The collar with jingle bell is very close to the ears and with the passage of time subjecting him to those loud sound stimulations continuously, can cause your cat to lose hearing acuity. It's not for nothing, but damaging the auditory pavilion in this way is like denying part of your instinctive nature.

#2. Cats vaccinations are required? Yes or No.
Yes🙀👉 Cat vaccines are an essential preventative treatment that prepares your immune system to deal with different infections. Vaccines for cats are important because the diseases they can contract are much more serious and have a worse diagnosis; in some of them, there is not even treatment.

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